THE MERCHANT NAVY mainly deals with transporting cargo occasionally passengers by sea it has different fleet composed of passengers vessals cargo liners, tankers bulk carriers, containers as well as the other special types of vessels. Merchant navy is the backbone of international trade, carrier cargo across the globe of Import & Export business. Merchant navy is the highest paid salary. Moverover it is totally tax free. You can save the total salary since all your expenses is borned by the shipping company.


DECK (Master, Chief Officer, llnd/lllrd Officer, Cadet, Seamen)
ENGINE (Chief Engineer, llnd/lllrd/lVth Engineer)
KITCHEN (Steward, Waiter, Cook, Mess boy)
PETTY OFFICER (Electrical Officer, Fitter, Welder)


Excellent pay & benefits.
Great working conditions.
Comfortable living accommodation.
A career a sea is perhaps one of the most rewarding career not only with respect to emoluments & earning capacity but also way of practical education of an individual through travel, visiting various countries & meeting people from various part of the globe. It develops a cosmopolitan person quite at home in most foreign environments & with a greater understanding of the different people, their cultural & way of life.


  1. Above average intelligence but not necessarily an intellectual.
  2. Good general knowledge & lots of common senses.
  3. Include good hobbies to pass time in spare time on ship.
  4. Fond of out-door life.
  5. Interested in broadening his outlook.
  6. Keen to follow a life of adventure where practically everyday is different from the previous day.
  7. High sense of responsibilities.
  8. Cares of his colleagues and makes friends easily.
  9. Keen to work other as a team.
  10. Show initiative in tracking any work assigned to him.


  1. Its adventurous & outdoor life.
  2. You will get opportunity to meet.
  3. On Indian ships & some foreign ships, your colleagues will all be Indians on other foreign ships you will work with multi-national crew.
  4. You will be working in close proximity with nature i.e., the oceans seas.
  5. You will be living in totally pollution free & healthy condition.
  6. You will learn to understand, appreciate & associate with all the vagaries of the sea.
  7. Based on technological advances, today's Ships are extremely safe & sea worthy and accident are rare, that to mainly due to human errors.
  8. There are no unknown or unexpected danger at sea.
  9. Any difficulty which may rise can be tackled by any intelligent, diligent and trained officer.


  1. Work involves considerable physical & mental activities.
  2. Sedentary desk work is minimal.
  3. You will shoulder serious, responsibilities involving safely of life, Ship & environment as will as take care of the good which are entrusted to our care for delivering them to the rightful owner.


  1. After joining the training program at the age to 17 years with Xth or Xllth certificate, you will qualify to become the Captain or Chief Engineer if a multi-core ships at the age of about 27 years.
  2. All qualification obtained in India are certified by government of India and these are recognized by every maritime nation in keeping with the International conversation made by IMO which is body of UNO.
  3. An officer holding Indian or foreign cerficate can work on any ship of any nationality, thus increasing his job market.
  4. You can work on ships up to the age of 65 years.
  5. At the same time good opportunities will be available to marine related jobs on shore from the age of 35 years onwards.
  6. While on board ship, every person actually work only for 8 to 10 hours every day, in exceptional cases of operation and commercial difficulties longer periods (OT) of works may become necessary.
  7. Reminder is rest period for which substantial facilities are available e.g. Indoor games, video films, book, magazines, physical fitness equipments, swimming pools etc.
  8. Accomodations is very comfortable with all modern amenities.
  9. Communication between ship and shore is very effective and simple. Ship's telephone, fax and email, chat are conventionally available to connect your family and friends. Personal mobile phones with worldwide roaming facility can also be used any time.
  10. All shipping companies allow their senior officers to carry their Wife & Childern's while on contract on ships.
  11. Due to the contract nature of employment the person on ship keep changing regularly. You will be able to make friends with people whom you like and you will not be stuck with any unlikable person for a long duration.
  12. As per Indian income tax laws, if a person on ship more than 182 days in a financial year out of India then he become as NRI & all his foreign earnings are totally tax free.